Panther Software and Research Company (, located in South Carolina (U.S.), mainly does software R&D (i.e., "services", not "retail products"). As a service to the community at large, below are some worthwhile and interesting projects.

Distributed computing projects

These projects only require your computer's time. If your computer (or, in some cases, even your cellphone) is on but frequently idle, and it has an Internet connection at least once in a while, you can use its idle time to contribute to your choice of distributed computing projects. The project software runs at low priority, so that your work always comes first and only the time your computer would have been idle is donated.

Many of the distributed computing projects below use Berkeley's BOINC management software. Projects using it benefit from having a standardized way of managing work units among a large number of computers. Volunteers get the ability to participate in multiple projects if they wish, and can limit run times, resource use, etc. The underlying BOINC software is available for Android, MS Windows(x86, x64), Mac OS X (PPC, x86, x64, Apple silicon), Linux(x86, x64, ARM), and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi). Not all project's software can run on all platforms, however.

Here are just a few of the many distributed computing projects looking for donated computer time:

Citizen Science projects

There's lots of real science work that is now progressing a lot faster or able to be a lot more comprehensive because people are volunteering to help collect and/or sort through data for science efforts they care about. Projects can be as simple as taking pictures around your home (e.g., to see what wildlife is around), or helping analyze or compare pictures (which humans can often do much better than computers). If you might be interested, check out:

Some of these projects use open-source hardware tools from Public Lab that you might find interesting in their own right. For example, Public Lab offers a USB-connected spectroscope for $45 (as of 03/2015) as well as other innovative solutions for otherwise expensive gear.

Volunteer work (U.S.) has been named as one of the best Activist sites for matching people willing to volunteer with organizations looking for volunteers. Enter your Zip code and/or interests and get a list of organizations near you.

Challenges that pay

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